Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage Fairs: 'Magpies & I' - Altrincham

Every 3rd Sunday of the month something wonderful happens in Altrincham historic market - Magpies & I Vintage fair.

It is a wonderful place for people to sell rare vintage items that they have carefully sourced, beautiful vintage inspired pieces and vintage objects which have been lovingly upcycled to become something extra special. I could spend hours walking up and down each aisle and making new friends with all the fantastic stall holders.

I did my own stall at this market in February 2012, although it was a quiet day due to the post Christmas mentality, I remember it being a fun and creative atmosphere. Customers and other stall holders are so friendly and interested in what you do. The beauty of this market is that the stock is different every month as anyone can book a stall, so new businesses can come whenever they feel it is the right time for them.

Here are just some of the fantastic stalls I visited yesterday, new friends and old;

From my Kitchen - Louise Dawson makes amazing food, particularly the macaroons!


Earth Kandi Soaps - Handmade luxury soap

SqutternutBosh - Fun handmade jewelry and toys

JOPP designs - handmade jewelry

And of course.......

My fav lady - Mrs Lisa Kay Ashton-Putter!! Vintage Belle Candles also for sale on Etsy; Etsy shop

I'm sure you'd agree, a blog about a shopping trip here would not be complete without...MY PURCHASES!!! I found the most gorgeous tea sets;

Well, I hope this has made you clear up the 20th May, 17th June and 15th July for the next three Vintage fairs!


Lovely stuff

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