Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hurray! I got my Blurb book today!

So I told you all about the two Instagram Blurb Books that I made for myself and my boss at Sweet tooth cupcakery, well they came today and I am so happy with it! I haven't seen the Sweet tooth one yet but I love  mine. It's like a collection of memories for this stage of my life, it has a range of products I have made at the very beginning of my business, the people I met along the way and immortalises some of my best friends.

An era for every shape Part 1 - 1920s

Whilst once again watching Downton Abbey with a yearning to transport to that decade, I began to think more about how each era compliments a different type of body shape, this conclusion sadly made me realise the 20's is perhaps not mine, but then rejoiced in the fact that there is so much more...

Allow me to take you on an adventure through my revelations which made it a lot easier for me to shop for Vintage (or vintage inspired) clothing.