Thursday, 1 November 2012

An era for every shape Part 1 - 1920s

Whilst once again watching Downton Abbey with a yearning to transport to that decade, I began to think more about how each era compliments a different type of body shape, this conclusion sadly made me realise the 20's is perhaps not mine, but then rejoiced in the fact that there is so much more...

Allow me to take you on an adventure through my revelations which made it a lot easier for me to shop for Vintage (or vintage inspired) clothing.

So we all know the basic shapes that Gok Wan and others have told us we belong to;

  • The Apple - roundest in the middle
  • The Pear - bigger bottom than jubblies
  • The Hourglass - bum and jubblies equal proportion with smaller middle
  • The Rectangle - all areas tend to be simillar width
  • The Inverted Triangle - natural power shoulders with smaller hip
( I'd draw you a little diagram but I think my descriptions are good enough, imagination can create the rest)

Now what I don't want you to think is I'm saying there is one type for each era only! Not at all. It depends on your preference and personal style, or if you wish to dress to accentuate features or even out features.

As we have learnt from Downton Abbey, WW1 has ended and so have a great deal of clothing constraints. Our ladies didn't need those complicated corsets any more, or the endless amount of fabric hanging off them while they were being very busy and important looking after the homefront and voting! 
Say hello to straight slip dresses, dropped waistlines, ankles, shoulders and arms. Oh I say. Here are some of my favourite modern interpretations;[208037|208036]&noOfRefinements=1

 (The top two are from Rock my, the next two are Miss Selfridge and finally Topshop,)
I think that the 1920s is perfect for 'The Rectangle' and 'The Inverted Triangle' as they skim the waist and hip, not to bring attention to the body but to show off the frame and beautiful decoration of the dress. Many 1920s dresses will use the back to add interesting pattern cutting techniques, which more often than not shows off a gorgeous slender backbone.

What I love the most about 20s inspired dresses is the detailed decoration in the beading or sequin work, even on day dresses. I am a big fan of ladies wearing beautiful day dresses and not just saving the elegance for the evening or a special occasion.
So as I'm sure you all do, I play a game called 'if money was no object' whenever i'm researching for designing and inspiration. What I am about to show you is my...'if money were no object and if I was not such a fan of food' - dress.

How lush is that! ready to order from a company called Revival, they make their designs to any measurements, so anyone can have a beautiful custom made vintage dress.

Stay tuned for part 2 - 1930s glamour

Lovely stuff

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