Monday, 22 October 2012

Hey looky looky at my work! Book portfolios

So having a boyfriend who works in affiliate marketing (please don't ask me to try and explain what that's a thing, honest) has given me access to some great websites that can really help small businesses along the way.

One that I really love, love love is a website that lets you make your own book! I know amazing. It could be a picture book, a novel, anything you want. They're called Blurb and it really is such a useful website.

For the obvious reasons it is great for budding writers, illustrators and photographers to create a book of their work. However, after playing around with it myself I have found it is also good to make a portfolio for a small business or artist which can be saved and printed over and over to make as many as you want. You can also use photos from your Facebook account and now your Instagram app, which is great as you don't need to spend ages collating your favourite pictures from every different source.

The lovely people of Londonist recently promoted an offer to make a free 60 page Instagram book with Blurb Offer - expiring 23rd October. I got so excited by this that I made one for my boss at Sweettooth Cupcakery to show off their fantastic baked goodies AND made one for myself.
Even once this offer ends I am planning to make plenty more Blurb books as gifts for friends and family at birthdays and Christmas. It has the handmade, personalised touch which makes them a special gift.

One last excellent point about this website is that you can save your custom made book onto the Blurb bookshop so other people can buy them, how great is that!?! Obviously it is not published but anyone in the world could read your novel, see your photography or peruse your portfolio, if you so wish - then who knows where that could lead?

So why not give it a go, it is so easy to use as they guide you through each step.

Lovely stuff,

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