Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cupcake experiments

My favourite baking buddy Caraline and I invested a day in designing and testing out some new recipes. We have both always wanted our own bakery, not just of cakes and sweets but breads, pies, tarts and preserves. Since that is never going to happen we agreed to be bakers whenever we got together.

Last week we tested out some new cupcake flavours, by adapting a basic vanilla sponge recipe with syrups, fruits and jams. After scouting out around the internet for ideas from many talented bakers and hunting through the cupboards for all the ingredients we had the DT teachers in us set to work designing.

An abundance of flavours charged themselves at our face box! 
Soured cherries -YUM
Pistachio -OOOOPH
Honey comb toffee - YESSSS
Banana - NICE

Our final four were decided;
A Cherry bakewell
Banana and Honey
Crunchie and Salted Caramel

We used beautiful food flavourings that Caraline had from (the french do it well don't they!) the divine pistachio, almond and salted caramel, fresh banana and sour cherries...
BUT WAIT...who is this?
Violet sugar! Where did you come from? Oh, well... you MUST join this flavour party. Banana, you go join Salted caramel instead, lovely stuff.

We found it easier to make one large batch of Vanilla sponge and split it into four to add the flavourings.
Then we made sure each cupcake decoration was different so they were individual as flavours.
And finally took a lovely arty farty picture of them on a cake stand, how kitsch!

Hope you get inspired to create your own diverse flavours, happy baking!

Lovely stuff,

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