Friday, 27 April 2012

Charlotte Makes Cakes

I love telling everyone all about incredible people I meet throughout my life, this lovely lady is one of my favourites.

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Charlotte when I started working at the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery in Chorlton on Oswald road. To describe her as talented and fun would be a massive understatement, and to be employed by Lorna as her partner baker she has to be pretty darn good. I found out just how good on my first shift...

At the end of Charlotte's' shift she pulls out a bright red oval shaped cake on a baking tray then gets to work on intricate sugar work. After my curiosity got the better of me she said she was making a ‘Steak cake’! Prepare yourself for this;

The Steak Cake!
The Mighty Steak Cake!
Impressive right, you haven't seen the half of it!

Let me give you a little background on Charlotte before you see the rest of her gorgeous creations.
  • She's from Liverpool
  • She used to work as a veterinary receptionist.
  • Her interest in baking led her into taking a course to be a kick ass cake maker (and more)!
  • Charlotte's incredible creations make a vast amount of people happy on a daily basis either at 'Sweet Tooth Cupcakery' or through her own label Charlotte Makes Cakes

So without further a due, behold the genius of Charlotte O'Toole;

Easter Bunnies and Chicks at Sweet Tooth, Lemon flavoured cake with vanilla frosting.

Fruits of the forest Chocolate cupcakes at Sweet Tooth.

Vivenne Westwood bag cake.

Keyboard cake.

What I would describe as Chocolate HEAVEN - Chocolate sponge centre layered with chocolate ganache, finished with handmade chocolates and tempered chocolate work

A BIG Burger cake.

Wizard of Oz cake.

Now I haven't had much experience of making cakes with such immense detail (my only one being a cake I made for my Boyfriends' dads 60th - which wasn't too bad) but the level of skill, hard work and imagination in Miss O'Tooles' delicacies is incredible.

Charlotte custom makes her amazing creations and can pretty much make anything (within reason), so if you have an occasion that you want something exceptionally special for I'd recommend contacting Charlotte for a consultation. 

Lovely stuff,


  1. Those are AMAZING cakes!! I would love a master class one day!!xx

  2. I'll ask her about that! reckon that would be an awesome evening of fun!