Monday, 23 April 2012

My first order...

One year since deciding to start my own label I finally got a custom-make order from someone who isn't my number one fan and best friend Caroline, honestly that girl has kept me from packing it in time and time again with numerous dress requests.

A dear friend of mine - Kate Lewis (the genius who designed my logos!) put a customer of hers' in touch with me after she inquired about an apron for her up and coming wedding.

I was so excited about the whole process, to find out how I would work with her to create the product she had in mind. Everything went really smooth, she gave me a few details about the wedding theme as inspiration and from my initial ideas found a design she wanted to adapt straight away. I then went on my merry way to making it a reality.

Follow the shortened version of the story in pictures;

Full apron initial ideas

Half apron initial ideas

Final design

Close up of embroidery

The finished article

I really like this style of fastening aprons, it allows for adjustment for one size fits all.

Packaged up ready to be sent, with my very own sticky label!
I'm hoping this becomes the kick start that my business needs to really get going, with more people contacting me for their very own Mower-Made items!

Thanks for sharing this exciting moment with me,

Lovely stuff,

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  1. Wow Chloe that's fantastic! You super star :)Fingers crossed this is the start of many more creations! xx