Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hurray! I got my Blurb book today!

So I told you all about the two Instagram Blurb Books that I made for myself and my boss at Sweet tooth cupcakery, well they came today and I am so happy with it! I haven't seen the Sweet tooth one yet but I love  mine. It's like a collection of memories for this stage of my life, it has a range of products I have made at the very beginning of my business, the people I met along the way and immortalises some of my best friends.

I couldn't help but Instagram the pictures of my Instagram pictures made into a Blurb book.
Is it just me that is this addicted to the App?

As I am sure you can see it would make such a great present that I am currently getting family pictures together to make Christmas presents for my nana.

Hope you find yourself wandering across some amazing family photos, or hilariously embarrassing ones and wanting to created a book of your own.

My next one, my life as an accidental look-a-like!

Paloma Faith or Lana Del Ray?                    Drummer from Hanson?             Harry Potter?

Embarrassed enough now, time to sign off.

Lovely stuff

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