Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sex and Cake in the city

Many people who know me well will know my love of 'sex in the city' - ah the dramas of those fabulous ladies who never seem to work yet have amazing clothes, food and cocktails all the time!!

So when I was invited to an event called 'cake in the city' you can imagine my glee! Cake AND the chance to dress up and be tres cosmopolitan (well as much as a lil lady from Barnsley can be) yes please!

Let me paint you a little word picture;

Lush 'snow fairy' body wash,
Victory rolled fringe held tight with Treseme FREEZE HOLD! (the only thing that will ever hold my stuborn hair in place)
Mac 'Hot Tahiti' lippy
My Tatty Devine 'Miss Mower' necklace
= me feeling very Carrie/Samantha/Charlotte/Miranda with a splash of Mary Berry

And here's an actual picture...
All I need now is a fabulous cocktail bar...enter the venue for this brilliant event, 'On the 7th' in the Media city tower ( above Jeremy Kyle show set).

So the scene is set.
The event was organised by a very clever young lady called Abby, who founded the Manchester Cake Club, it showcased the fantastic talents of two bakers whom have different but equally immense styles.

Alice of Alice's Vintage Pantry - elegant, vintage, nostalgic, classic cakes and tray bakes

Charlotte of BakeOrama - inventive, original, fun, Americana tortes and treats which always includes lovely things for vegans and those who cannot have gluten. (Formally 'Charlotte bakes cakes' in my previous blog post) Charlotte has been snapped up by Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter, Manchester which also supplies Almost Famous and Lust, Liquor & Burn.

Well that is enough of my jibber jabber, I will leave you with an array of pictures from the event! Enjoy.

Lovely stuff,

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  1. Oh Miss Mower, how happy I am to find you in the blogosphere!! I'd say for a little Barnsley Lady you have got cosmopolitan down...and your fringe firmly up! (see what I did) Anyways I do believe you have a new follower on your hands! :)