Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Find yourself in the mud

WARNING: Exclamations of success and phrases of affirmation contained within this blog post.

This post is not about crafting, fashion, vintage, baking or even arts. The subject of this post however tells of an achievement which has led me to be more proactive, more confident, self assured, determined and ambitious. I hope it gives you some inspiration...

Saturday March 2nd,7.00am wake up, I have never felt so nervous. Today is the day of the 10k Major Series mud run. A long distance run, through MUD!

So you would think a young woman of 26 would have the common sense to train for an event of such physical demand, but no Miss Mower thought cake and Zumba is all I needed, I went on two runs a week before the race date and assumed that would be fine.

Oh sweet lord above was I wrong!

The running constantly for 10k was bad enough, but thrown on top of that was obstacles, hills, water, ice baths, hay bale tunnels and mud! Not just "it rained in a field while I was at a festival mud", but BOGS! Foot gripping bogs, streams that led to bogs that led to streams that led to bog after bog after bog! How I didn't lose a trainer I will never know. It was hard, it required some incredible summoning of strength from - I will never know to this day where from - in order to complete.

But I did it! I finished the whole thing! I couldn't have done it without my lovely Christopher and brilliant mates keeping me going, and of course the jelly baby woman! With 1k to go and my spirit broken this woman stood at the top of a hill giving all runners jelly babies! Amazing! So amazing in fact that as I went past her again on the way to the finish line I asked for another...

In my mind it sounded like: "Please can I have another Jelly Baby, please."
Apparently what came out was: "sbnfjauhbfkjb kdjbfaubfvlan JELLY BABY fedlskjvbsiuh"

Even though I was broken, bruised, in pain, walking like John Wayne and the most tired I have ever felt there is a strange part of me that wants to do it again. It's because of the immense feeling of achievement, if I can complete something that hard and demanding I can do anything.

So here are some pictures to have a giggle at, me covered in mud.

Lovely stuff,


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