Thursday, 7 March 2013

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Many of my friends who are not yet confident in their own crafting/sewing abilities ask me to teach them how to do things. As a teacher this does come as second nature to me, it is what I love to do, pass on skills and ideas.

Unfortunately not everybody has a friend to do this, and as much as I'm trying I can't quite get round to you all...yet. So I thought I would point you in the direction of a few amazing people who inspire me and help first time crafters world wide.

Emily Peacock
No longer does needle point need to flash up Google images of teddy bears in bonnets having a picnic next to birds in a tree (unless that's your style, you own that!). Emily's designs are funky, retro, fun, bright and addictive! The best part about her is that she sells all her designs in packs, along with instructions and tips. they range from beginner to intermediate to expert.
If I could get my hands on enough money I would fill my house with these bad boys!
 Even my heroine Kirstie has big love for this lovely lady!
I think its so refreshing to have such vibrant coloured home ware which you can create yourself. Though it may take you a while to finish the product, the reward will be so great. not just having the finished article but the sense of achievement. "yes I made this beautiful cushion, adore me!"
Love your work Emily!

Debbie Siniska
My mum taught me to rag rug, but (god bless her) she doesn't have the patience or the time to create anything as large and creative as this lady does. Rag rugs are made from pulling pieces of fabric through a large weave fabric to create patterns and pictures. It isn't a new technique, women have done this for centuries, mainly to keep warm and recycle fabric used to make clothes. Is it really surprising that this technique should be revived now, and Debbie is really reviving it, she takes her talent into schools to boost creativity, I love this woman, how great is that!
You can literally create  any patterns you can think up with rag rugging, and it  promoting sustainability because you can use all your old scraps of fabric. Debbie also does felting and bead work, you should check out her work.

Knitting, everybody knows they want to! yet another crafting craze sweeping the nation and this lady knows her stuff! She designs and makes knitting patterns, she's lectured at some of the best places for fashion as well as the V&A museum. her website is a great place to buy top quality yarns in a great range of colours. 
I love her style of artistic communication, it feels very natural and nostalgic, I wish I could make a self solely dedicated to her books (there are more than 20!)
I hope you find her work as inspirational as me, her patterns are very well priced and they have beginner to expert levels to choose from.

So there we have it, three new friends to help you learn a new crafty skill! Of course there are so many more inspirational people out there, I would love you all to tell me someone new to look at, or even yourself, in a comment. Share the crafty love!

Lovely stuff

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