Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Made by Miss Mower - search for an identity

So since dreaming up my little self titled 'business' I been trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to specialise in, what do I want to be known for doing. This I have found really hard as I love doing anything and everything!

So would it be;
                 ©      Aprons
                 ©      Clothes
                 ©      Patchwork Quilts
                 ©      Cushions
                 ©      Custom made fancy dress 

The list became a wee bit endless.

 As you can imagine it was very hard to choose, so I didn't...I decided to do them all.

Identical 'Queenie' costumes

Sally in the middle

The trouble is, I'm finding it hard to concentrate and my mind keeps mapping and coming up with new and interesting ideas that I keep getting excited over.

So after some great advice from amazing and successful independent business owners, such as Kate Lewis and Lisa-Kay Aston-Putter I'm making a stand, mostly for my own sanity. I will be make vintage style dresses, sizes 10-16 at first, matching eras to body shapes, to ensure my beautiful customers are utilising their best body feature - A Gok Wan approach to Vintage if you will. With the added option of custom made garments for a special occasion.

Think I'll leave the home decor and accessories for the craft fairs, where people will probably be looking for lovely gifts.

So, lets see if this lasts.

Lovely stuff

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