Monday, 27 February 2012

Nice to meet you...

So I've got myself a brand new blog for a brand new state of mind! I've blown off the cobwebs, fixed my victory rolls and put on my best dress! (well, one of them)

I'm Chloe Mower, 25 going on 40, Teacher and Independent seamstress for my own brand - Made by Miss Mower. I'm currently based in Chorlton, Manchester where I am surrounded by an abundance of craft, art, amazing food and extraordinary talent. Its hard not to be inspired!

The earliest memory I have of vintage clothing was my Mum and Nana putting me in my Brothers' (who is 9years older than me) old jumper, I was 6 and hated it! I wasn't pink, it didn't have glitter, it was smelly and itchy, I did everything I could not to wear it, but to no avail. Looking back at pictures though, I looked awesome, and dare I say cool! It was this that ignited my love for vintage/retro fashion and my Mum and Nana that inspired me to follow my own style, (they were both uber cool and stylish in their hayday!).

I followed my love for clothing construction through University and learnt to create my own patterns for all garment types and customise them for peoples measurements. So when I decided to start my own brand I wanted to stay true to my core skills. I make vintage inspired garments in a range of sizes, mostly they are one-off pieces as I offer a custom made service – with this customers can either choose one of my stock designs (changing elements if they wish), or bring me a picture of a garment they have seen and I then make the pattern to their measurements and the garment in their chosen fabrics. 

The beauty of this for the customer is that I then have their personalised pattern block saved and stored so I can make more garments for them in the future using just this block. It is almost like a personal vintage shop made just for you. I am currently designing a range of garments which link eras to body shape, so that customers can choose the vintage that is perfect for them.

I am constantly learning and growing with every piece I make, each one helping me with the next. I am lucky enough to have a great network of massively talented people who inspire me, teach me, help me and supporting me.

So my next plan it to get more of my dresses and pieces on my Folksy Shop - Folksy - MadebyMissMower - in the words of Bridget Jones...'Good plan!'

Lovely Stuff

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