Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Creative Chorlton

I am lucky enough to live in an bubble of creativity and beautiful products, Chorlton in Manchester is the home of a number of small businesses, independent shops and handmade craft fairs.

Not only do these lovely shops present a feast for the eyes but they are places to meet some utterly stupendous people, many a time have I ended up chatting to shop owners, designers or even the customers for an hour or two.

At the moment I am just going to list but a few of my favourites, though in the next few weeks I aim to a blog post devoted to them, because everyone needs a bit them in their lives!

Round the corner from me is a new wedding dress boutique called Melanie James Bridal Boutique;
- though she only started this business recently it is one to watch! Her designs are beautifully vintage inspired and each dress is a one off.

Down Beech Road you can also find a brand new Wine merchant/delicatessen called  Epicerie Ludo;
They sell unique and rare jams, chocolates, sugared rose petals and other tasty delights one might find in somewhere like Paris!

Just down from there is Hurricane, a delightful gift shop that sells a range of handmade jewelry, Cath Kidston cups etc, and local designer bags/purses/cushions. There isn't a website but if your in the area you definately should take a peek!

A little further into Chorlton is a hidden treasure that is possible the best Cupcake shop EVER! Sweet Tooth Cupcakery - They name their cupcakes after famous personalities that match the insanely beautiful flavours!

Last on this little list, but by no means least is a stunning flower shop which reminds me of being young and my mum taking round little trinket shops, i'd just look at them all for hours. The employees are also very lovely and know their stuff! Blossom Flower Shop

So if you find yourself at a loose end one weekend or just fancy a trip to our fair town of Chorlton, make sure these are stops that you make!

Lovely stuff

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